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1 Primary
1.1 Refers to extraction of materials from land/sea
1.2 eg. mining/quarrying/fishing/farming
2 secondary
2.1 Use of raw materials to manufacture new product
2.2 furniture production/trainers/car manufacture/oil refinery
2.3 Reebok Lancaster: founder from nearby Bolton/good road network M6/skilled workers/university/good premises for manufacture/storage/port Heysham/inpor
2.4 Nissan factory in UK Washington/newcastle
2.4.1 Ideal site/air field
2.4.2 UK government offered £100million grant
2.4.3 good transport links airport trains ports
2.4.4 skilled workforce
2.4.5 universities
2.4.6 As in EU, avoid import taxes
2.4.7 Boosts local economy
3 Tertiary= service industry
3.1 Retail or sevice/selling services or skills
3.1.1 egTrafford Centre/Tescos Good transport links for goods and for shoppers Large area large catchment area great location Leisure facilities Restaurants space to develop and expand not affected by weather
3.1.2 health service
3.1.3 tourism
3.1.4 Finance
3.1.5 Education
3.2 Fastest growing sector/industry
4 Quaternary
4.1 eg ICT/research/consultancy
4.2 Also a service so can include in tertiary sector
4.3 70% of workforce is in tertiary and quaternary
5 Poor country eg Nepal most people in primary industry
6 Rich country eg usa, most workforce in tertiary and quaternary
7 Changes in employment structure
7.1 Mechanisation/machinery
7.1.1 Import goods Industrial revolution: ship building lots employed in secondary industry Increased demand in tertiary industry, people move away from rural areas into town
8 Industry Location
8.1 Different industries require different inputs and this determines location: readily available and cheap inputs!
8.2 Labour/availability of workers with right skills
8.3 Transportation links
8.4 Power supply
8.5 Telecommunications
8.6 Government assistance/grant
8.7 Raw materials
8.8 Access to markets
9 Changes in retail industry
9.1 online shopping
9.1.1 from home/delivered home/good price
9.1.2 can't see goods/delivery charges/wait for delivery/
9.2 giant supermarkets/smaller stores closing down
9.2.1 some small shops making a comeback with horsemeat scandal!
9.3 out of town retail parks with good parking facilities
9.4 town centre trade decreasing/shops closing down

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