What are the causes of world poverty?


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What are the causes of world poverty?
  1. Environmental Problems
    1. Frequent natural disasters can destroy communities
      1. Poor countries do not have resilience to withstand these disasters
        1. Disasters are getting more frequent because of man-made pollution
        2. Healthcare
          1. Lack of it means many die unnecessarily
            1. Difficult for families and communities to develop economically
            2. Conflict
              1. War and civil conflict use up money for arms, etc
                1. Drives people from their homes and destroys livelihoods
                2. Poor leadership
                  1. Corrupt rulers waste resources and make bad decisions
                    1. Bring economic collapse
                    2. HIV/AIDS
                      1. Often affect young adults - the work force
                        1. A weak work force = prevention of development of a country
                        2. Debt
                          1. Take lots of loans, and now have to pay them all back
                          2. Trade barriers
                            1. unfair trade rules benefit rich countries
                              1. Poor countries have to compete with rich countries' subsidised products - so they never really win
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