Time to Rebrand

Jodie Goodacre
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A-Levels Geography (Rebranding) Mind Map on Time to Rebrand, created by Jodie Goodacre on 04/29/2013.

Jodie Goodacre
Created by Jodie Goodacre over 6 years ago
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Time to Rebrand
1 Rebranding
1.1 Developing a place to reposition its image and change peoples perception
2 Regenerating
2.1 Positively transforming the economy of a place that has displayed symptoms of decline
3 Reimaging
3.1 Positively changing the standing and reputation of a place through specific improvments, e.g. increasisng cultrual identity
4 Environmental focus
5 Social focus
6 Economic focus
7 Political focus
8 Cities in decline
8.1 The increasing costs of upkeep, development and remodelling of central business districts
8.2 Many CBDs are becoming increasingly congested, inaccessible and expensive
8.3 Loss of retailing function from CBDs to out-of-town shopping centres
8.4 Loss of officies and commercial functions from city centres to suburban and edge-of-town locations, such as prestige science parks
8.5 City centres are perceived as dirty and unsafe, with an ageing environment and poor infrastructure
8.6 Rise in car ownership leads to increased personal mobility and the rise of leisure shopping
8.7 Planning policies can encourage urban expansion and provide developments 'out-of-town'
8.8 City councils, determinded to attract new industry investment, offer greenfield sites for development
8.9 Companies find peripheral locations cheaper, and nearer affluent customers and staff in the suburbs
8.10 The costs of development and upkeep of CBDs are high
8.11 Urban sprawl
8.12 Investors are attracted by peripheral sites
9 Notting Hill
9.1 Creative industries generate around £21 billion per year
9.2 Employ approx 500,000 people
9.3 The film 'Notting Hill' was a catalyst for improvment
10 Countryside Decline
10.1 Lack of Transport
10.2 Poor Infrastructure
10.3 Agricultural change
10.4 Moving away from government supported agriculture
10.5 Issue of affordable housing
10.6 Pockets of local depopulation
10.7 Post-production transition
10.8 Disappearance of rural services
11 Coastal Decline
11.1 Non-diverse economy
11.2 Ease of travel make UK coasts less attractive
11.3 Decline in Tourism trade
11.4 Difficult to attract private investment
11.5 Decline in traditional industries
11.6 Inaccessability
11.7 Poor housing
11.8 Poor health
11.9 Low wages
11.10 High crime

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