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Old Testament - Spence Carr
1 6. Moses & the Exodus
1.1 Moses was an Israelite, born inso Egyptian bondage.
1.2 When he turned 40 rears old he fled to the lan of Median.
1.3 Moses convinces Pharaoh to let the Israelites go through a series of Plagues deny by God.
1.4 As a result in being unfaithful to God, the Israelites are forced to wonder in the wilderness for 40 years.
1.5 Each Plague attacks a member of an Egyptian pantheon.
1.6 300 years separate Exodus from Genesis.
2 1. Creation
2.1 Brought into being by God. God is beyond the universe.
2.2 God makes the 7 days of creation. God spoke everything into being.
2.3 God create every living animal, as well as humans.
2.4 God made man in his image. The first human was named Adam. God thought the idea was "very good". He later finds out that man feels lonely, so he creates Eve, Adam's wife.
2.5 God made a garden for the man and woman. It was called the Garden of Eden.
2.6 God rested on day 7. He said that what he had made was good.
3 7. Joshua and the Judges
3.1 After the death of Moses. Joseph became in command of the Israelites
3.2 Joseph leads them into the Promise Land, and cross the Jordan River while doing so.
3.3 They invade the land of Canaan, and destroy many cities, but the Israelites are not successful in conquering all of Canaan.
3.4 Before Joseph dies, he divides the land of Canaan into twelve territories according to the tribes.
3.5 After Jacob's death, no one takes over as ruler over the Israelites.
3.6 Because of this, God sends Judges in special occasions to defeat military and political threats.
4 3. Abraham
4.1 All Jews trace their descent to Abraham.
4.2 God promises to make Abraham a "Father of many Nations".
4.3 Abraham dies at age 175.
4.4 God promises Abraham and Sarah that they will have a child names Isaac, despite of their old age.
4.5 Abraham lied about his wife being his sister two times in the Bible.
4.6 Both Abram d Sarai had their names changed by God later in their life to Abraham and Sarah.
5 4. Jacob/Israel
5.1 Judah is the son of Jacob.
5.2 God makes a covenant with Jacob, and changes his name to Israel.
5.3 Jacob has 12 sons by 4 women, these sons are the genesis of the nation of Israel.
5.4 Jacob deceives his older brother, Esau, taking his birthright, which gives Jacob the firstborn blessing.
5.5 Two of Jacob's wives were sisters to him.
5.6 Jacob is also Abraham's grandson.
6 5, Joseph
6.1 Joseph is hated by all of his brothers, who sell him into slavery in Egypt.
6.2 Joseph later becomes prime minister of Egypt, and rescues his family from famine.
6.3 Jacob and his entire family move to Egypt because of this food crisis.
6.4 The book of Genesis ends with the deaths of Jacob and Joseph
6.5 Joseph was an interpreter of dreams.
6.6 Joseph is jacob;s favorite son, which makes his brothers jealous of him.
7 8. King David
7.1 David kills the Philistine Giant (Goliath) in battle.
7.2 He had seven brothers and two sisters, and was the youngest of Jesse's sons.
7.3 In the Bible, Dvid is called a "Man after God's own heart."
7.4 Saul become jealous of David, and attempted to kill him many times throughout the story.
7.5 David became King after Saul was killed in battle.
7.6 Jesus is often referred to as the son of David.
8 2. Noah & the Flood
8.1 Noah and his family were the only humans saved from the massive flood, because of the Ark.
8.2 Noah was the grandson of Methuselah, the oldest person in the Bible, who died at 969 years old, in the year of the flood.
8.3 After the flood, Noah built an altar to sacrifice animals to give thanks to God.
8.4 God told Noah to cover the Ark with pitch, to waterproof it.
8.5 The Ark took 100 years to build.
8.6 God commanded Noah to take 7 pairs of "clean" animals, and two of every other kind of animal.
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