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Old Testament Mind Map by Hannah Buck
1 Moses & The Exodus (7)
1.1 Moses was born in Egypt to a Hebrew mother
1.2 He grew up in Pharaoh's palace
1.3 He killed an Egyptian and fled to Midian at age 4o
1.4 God called him to go back to Egypt to free the people from Pharah
1.5 The Ten Plagues occured
1.6 Moses parted the Red Sea with the help of God
2 Creation (1)
2.1 God created light and darkness
2.2 God created Water and animals in the water
2.3 God created Land and animals on land
2.4 God created vegetation
2.5 God created man
2.6 God rested on the 7th day
3 The Fall (2)
3.1 The serpent tempted Eve to eat off of the TKGE
3.2 God told Adam and Eve to NOT eat from the TKGE
3.3 Adam also ate the fruit from the tree
3.4 Adam and Eve hid from God
3.5 They knew they were naked so God provided clothes
3.6 God kicked them out of the garden of Eden
4 Abraham (4)
4.1 Abraham's name was originally Abram
4.2 Abraham was married to Sarah
4.3 Sarah couldn't have kids so they called out to the Lord to have a child
4.4 Abraham slept with Sarah's slave to have a son, but that wasn't God's plan
4.5 Abraham and Sarah have Isaac at old age
4.6 God asks Abraham to sacrifice Isaac and he almost did but then God provided
5 Jacob/Israel (5)
5.1 Jacob stole the birthright from his twin brother Esau
5.2 He fled away to his uncle's home and worked for him
5.3 He had two wives that were sisters: Leah and Rachel
5.4 He had a total of 12 sons
5.5 God changed his name to Israel
5.6 Jacob later reconciled with his brother Esau
6 King David (8)
6.1 King David was chosen to be the next king after King Saul
6.2 David killed Goliath with a slingshot and rock
6.3 David was best friends with Saul's son, Jonathan
6.4 King David slept with Bathsheba and killed her husband
6.5 He was the father of King Solomon
6.6 He didn't get to build the temple
7 Joseph (6)
7.1 He was his father's favorite son
7.2 His brother's hated him and sold him into slavery
7.3 Joseph reconciles with his brothers
7.4 Pharaoh promotes Joseph to second in command in Egypt
7.5 Joseph was sent to jail and later interpreted Pharaoh's dreams
7.6 He worked for Potiphar and his wife accused him of rape
8 Noah (3)
8.1 God called Noah to build an ark
8.2 God wanted to destroy human kind because they were too evil
8.3 Noah, his wife and his three sons and their wives were on the ark (8 people)
8.4 Two animals of each kind came onto the ark
8.5 It rained for forty days and forty nights
8.6 God made a covenant to never end the world by flood through a rainbow
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