Stem-And-Leaf Diagrams

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GCSE Maths (Statistics) Mind Map on Stem-And-Leaf Diagrams, created by Olivia Brooklyn on 03/08/2014.

Olivia Brooklyn
Created by Olivia Brooklyn over 5 years ago
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Stem-And-Leaf Diagrams
1 When data is first recorded, it is called raw data and is unordered
2 Unordered data can be put into order to make it easier to read and understand. This is called ordered data
3 A stem-and-leaf diagram is a way of showing ordered data
3.1 The stem is the number on the left of the vertical line. The leaves are the numbers on the right of the vertical line.
4 Mode - most common entry
5 Find the median by counting from the start to the middle value
6 Find the range by subtracting the lowest value from the highest value
7 Find the mean by adding all the values and dividing by the total number of values in the table

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