Response To Flooding In Bangladesh

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Rivers And Coasts Flooding in a LEDC

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Response To Flooding In Bangladesh
1 Historical records show frequency and scale of flooding has increased in the last 50 years
1.1 Increases need for flood planning and preparation
2 Preparedness Programme
2.1 Cluster villages
2.1.1 Village that has been raised 2m above water level. Each village can house 25 - 30 families
2.2 Raised homestead
2.2.1 Individual homes raised 2m above water level on earth banks. Earth banks planted with grass to prevent erosion
2.3 Flood shelter
2.3.1 2 hectares of raised land where people can bring livestock. Each shelter house 100 families, including community room an toilets
2.4 Rescue boats
2.4.1 Rescue boats located around areas most at risk and near to flood shelters
2.5 Radios
2.5.1 Radios given to 'preparedness committee'. Flood warnings can be issued and the preparedness plan put into action
3 Dhaka Integrated Flood Protection Project
3.1 Embankments
3.1.1 Earth embankments built to hold back rising water
3.2 Slope protection
3.2.1 To reduce the erosion of the embankments
3.3 Drains
3.3.1 Storm drains linked back to rivers
3.4 Sluice gates
3.4.1 Able to close channels when water rises
4 Ongoing debate about which method should be used
4.1 Hard engineering can control large amounts of water but it is expensive and can create environmental problems
4.2 Smaller-scale projects can be used across a wider area, but may have limited effect in large urban areas

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