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Population And Settlement Population control in a LEDC

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  1. Economic change
    1. 40 years of rapid change
      1. NIC - Newly Industrialised Country
        1. Despite economic growth, 42% of people still work in farming, many as subsistence farmers
        2. Population change
          1. Population increase has been brought under control
            1. 1970 population was increasing at one of the fastest rates of any country
              1. Birth rate of 37 and death rate of only 10
              2. In under 4 decades dropped, birth rate dropped by 15% per 1000 and death rate has fallen slightly
              3. Cause of change
                1. Birth rate dropped because of country's economic growth and more people are living in the cities, especially in Bangkok
                  1. Success of government
                    1. Introducing family planning methods
                    2. Encouraging the use of condoms
                    3. Cabbages And Condoms
                      1. Thai business man running national campaign to help make the use of condoms acceptable to everyone
                        1. Set up a chain of restaurants called 'Cabbages And Condoms'
                          1. Condoms given away free after every meal
                          2. In Thailand even talking talking about contraception was not acceptable in the past, these ideas are being broken down in order to control population
                          3. Stopping HIV / AIDS infection
                            1. Using condoms is key to fight the spread of HIV / AIDS
                              1. Infection is common because of the sex industry in Thailand
                                1. Government made it illegal for anyone working in the sex industry to do so without using a condom
                                  1. Estimated 1/2 million people already infected in Thailand
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