Greenwich Millennium Village

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Population And Settlement Sustainable city living in a LEDC

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Greenwich Millennium Village
1 One of several developments in the UK where homes are being built to let people live more substainably
1.1 Urban regeneration scheme
2 Being built on land that was part of London's old Docklands on the south bank of the Thames. (The O2 Dome is nearby)
2.1 Cleared of pollution
3 Claims to sustain
3.1 By generating some power locally and combining this with a heating system called a combined heat and power system (CHP)
3.2 Materials used are more sustainable
3.2.1 Aluminium used because it last and can be recycled
3.2.2 Cedar wood from sustainable forests
3.3 Designed to take advantage of sunlight
3.4 Built to be protected from cold east winds
3.5 Targeted to use 80% less energy and 30% less water
4 76 hectares including
4.1 20 hectares for parkland and open saces
4.2 2 ecology parks
4.3 10,000 homes
4.4 Provides 24,000 jobs
4.5 150 new shops and restaurants
4.6 New community and leisure facilities
4.7 Access to Jubilee underground line and bus routes
4.8 Eco-friendly supermarker
4.9 2.2km of river walkways
4.10 Primary school and health centre
5 Mixing the land use

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