The Woman In Black

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Created by Citizen In Flames over 5 years ago
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The Woman In Black
1 Gothic
1.1.1 My peace of mind was about to be disturbed..
1.1.2 ..menacing and sinister, disguising the familiar world and confusing people in it
1.1.3 Strange tales of lonely houses
1.1.4 Driving towards the end of the world
1.1.5 My mood had been affected by the weather
1.1.6 A mist like a damp, clinging, cobwebby thing, fine and yet impenitrable
1.1.7 Grief and distress, filled with hatred and desire for revenge
1.2 Features
1.2.1 A character we fear
1.2.2 Sense of remoteness in Arthur's situation and mind
1.2.3 Nothing is explained or described - indefiniteness
1.2.4 Ghostly atmosphere
1.2.5 Life after death
1.2.6 Fear of the unknown
1.2.7 Abandoned house, Graveyards
1.2.8 Pathetic Fallacy
2 Characters
2.1 Arthur Kipps
2.1.1 A typical ghost story main character, sceptical- “I never thought of myself as a fanciful man”.
2.1.2 Believes he is above the country people- “Unsophisticated than we cosmopolitans”.
2.1.3 Starts of as rational, but rationality is diminished as book progresses -"I did not believe in ghosts… "
2.1.4 His previous experiences have affected him -"it was now woven into my very fibers, an inextricable part of my past"
2.2 Samuel Daily
2.2.1 Protects Arthur, in a fatherly way?
2.2.2 Has a dog, Spider, he he gives to Arthur for protection.
2.2.3 He is a “big man” with a “beefy face” and “huge raw hands”.
2.2.4 Conceals TWIB's secret from Arthur.
2.3 Mr Jerome
2.3.1 Afraid
2.3.2 Refuses to help Arthur -"I'm afraid I can't offer you help, Mr. Kipps. Oh, no."
2.3.3 Vague- "There are stories," he said, "tales. There's all that nonsense."
2.4 Keckwick
2.4.1 Very dependable - I wouldn't have left you over the night," he said at last, "wouldn't have done that to you."
2.4.2 Quiet, and not very talkative
2.4.3 Looks out for Arthur
2.4.4 Lost his Dad in the March, along with TWIB's son
2.5 The Woman In Black
2.5.1 Haunts Eel Marsh House, every time she is seen she kills a child.
2.5.2 Wants revenge after her son was taken from her - "He is mine. Why should I not have what is mine? He shall not go to strangers. I shall kill us both before I let him go."
2.6 Mr Bentley
2.6.1 "He had always blamed himself, at least in part, for what had happened to me—it had, after all, been he who had sent me on that first journey up to Crythin Gifford, and Eel Marsh House, and to the funeral of Mrs. Drablow."
2.6.2 Sends Arthur to CG,doesn't tell him much about the place.
3 Revenge
3.1 TWIB gets revenge on the community that was responsible for killing her son.
3.2 "I had seen the ghost of Jennet Humfrye and she had had her revenge"
3.3 "In some violent or dreadful circumstance, a child has died"
4 Supernatural
4.1 Existence of TWIB, sounds of P&T in the marsh
4.2 "Who she was—or what—and how she had vanished, such questions I did not ask myself."
4.3 "Eyes, sunken but unnaturally bright"
4.4 "But no one had been there. The room had been empty. "
4.5 TWIB enticing fear in characters
4.6 Spider sensing something wrong
4.7 Has a long lasting affect on Arthur
5 Isolation
5.1 Monks Piece is isolated - "air of remoteness and isolation" "..much further from civilisation"
5.2 EMH isolated by NLC
5.3 CG isolated in terms of thinking- cut off from rest of world
5.4 Characters isolate Arthur by not telling him anything about what is going on

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