Jamesian Techniques

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Jamesian Techniques
1 Ambiguity
1.1 Lack of closure
1.1.1 only allows for speculation as to his true intention "catch out those not easily caught"
1.1.2 contrasts very well with the clearly constructed begining chapters and prologue
1.2 constant use of liminality
1.2.1 stairs, windows, lakes, light and dark etc.
1.2.2 reflects the governess's moral/psychological dilemma
1.3 symbolism within the appearances of the ghosts
1.3.1 by inviting us to over analyse this we are self are being exposed?
2 Narration
2.1 Different diegetic levels
2.1.1 the reader is invited, by the prologue to judge the governess before hearing her own account
2.1.2 detatches the story from reality by giving it such an anonymous base setting.
2.2 he has relised that the best way to portray a character is by giving them a voice
2.3 we are able to judge other characters through the governess's narration
2.3.1 we can see through her description into the true innocence of Miles and Flora
2.3.2 the reader becomes chillingly aware of the mounting fear Mrs grose has of the Governess
3 Plot structure
3.1 very clear structure in which the appearances of the ghosts happen
3.2 the dissappearance of flora early on
3.3 sudden ending
3.4 much of the time is spent in blissful harmony with the children
3.5 "shameless potboiler" each chapter ending is full of suspense "and that was all i new"
4 Writing Style
4.1 Long sentences
4.1.1 saturates the narrative, requires closer reading, easier to miss vital points 'seldom does he make a direct assertion, but qualifies and negatives and double negative, then throws in a handful of adverbs until the image floats away upon a verbal smoke'
4.2 wandering consciousness allows for the reader to glean more of the person from their narration
4.2.1 we are invited by James to speculate of her feelings towards Quint/ the master
4.3 many reference to 'turn' throughout
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