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  1. Alcohol
    1. Measured in units of alcohol
      1. It is a type of drug
        1. A depressant
          1. Slows down signals in the brain and nerves
        2. It is also called ethanol
          1. Short-term effects
            1. Impaired vision
              1. Sleepiness
                1. Blurred vision and slurred speech
                2. Balance and muscle control
                3. Long-term effects
                  1. Damage to liver and the brain
                    1. Over time, this can lead to cirrhoses
                4. Pollution
                  1. Carbon Dioxide
                    1. Caused by the burning of fossil fuel
                      1. Can increase greenhouse gases and global warming
                    2. CFCs
                      1. Destroys the ozone layer
                        1. Lets more UV light to reach the Earth's surface.
                        2. Chlorofluorocarbons
                          1. Used in aerosol cans, refrigerators and insulating material
                          2. Sulphur Dioxide
                            1. From burning fossil fuels
                              1. Causes acid Rain
                              2. Can be measured using direct methods or indicator organisms
                                1. Water pollution
                                  1. Caused by harmful substances in rivers, lakes and seas
                                    1. Invertebrate animals cannot survive in polluted water
                                      1. Therefore, it tells us if the water is polluted and how much.
                                2. Fitness
                                  1. The ability to do physical activities
                                    1. Fit people's pulse rate will return to normal more quickly after exercise
                                      1. It can be measured by:
                                        1. Strength
                                          1. By the amount of weights lifted
                                          2. Flexibility
                                            1. By the amount of joint movement
                                            2. Stamina
                                              1. By the time of sustained exercise
                                              2. Agility
                                                1. By changing direction many times
                                                2. Speed
                                                  1. By a sprint race
                                                  2. Cardiovascular efficiency
                                                    1. How well a person's circulatory system works
                                                3. Smoking
                                                  1. Increases blood pressure
                                                    1. Contain nicotine - an addictive substance
                                                      1. increases heart rate
                                                      2. Carbon monoxide
                                                        1. Carries less oxygen around the body
                                                          1. Increases heart rate
                                                        2. You can get a smokers cough because:
                                                          1. Dust is irritating epithelial lining
                                                            1. Mucus is not being removed by the cilia
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