T013 Asbestos

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Created by alison_patey0437 over 6 years ago
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T013 Asbestos
1 Types
1.1 White (chrysotile)
1.2 Brown (amosite)
1.3 Blue (crocidolite)
2 original benefits of asbestos was that it was a good fire ensulator, electrical insulator, chem resistor, thermal insulator etc.
2.1 therefore added 2 materials such as cement; plastics/ resins; insulations materials etc.
3 used in new build/refurb bdg up to 1999
4 health affects of asbestos
4.1 lung cancer, asbestosis - incurable and takes up 2 15yrs to develop
4.2 asbestos related diseases is expected 2 peak in 2014/15 at 5,000 deaths
4.2.1 highest risk are in construction & maintainence
5 Duty to manage
5.1 Legislation and regulation
5.1.1 Health and Safety at Work Act 1974
5.1.2 Management of Heath and Safety at Work Regulations 1999
5.1.3 CDM Regs 2007
5.1.4 Control of Asbestos Regulations 2006 relates to works involving ACM's
5.2 lots of HSE guides to help employers manage asbestos in their property
5.3 Identify
5.3.1 Access Manage manage, plan, training asbestos register ongoing reinspection removal licensed asbestos contractor asbestos analysis waste disposal
5.3.2 surveys

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