How waves erode

Freya Bolton
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International Baccalaureate Geography (The Coastal Zone) Mind Map on How waves erode, created by Freya Bolton on 04/29/2013.

Freya Bolton
Created by Freya Bolton over 6 years ago
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How waves erode
1 Hydraulic action
1.1 The sheer power/force of the waves pushes the water into cracks in the rock and compresses the air. Pressure will eventually cause the rock to break
2 Abrasion/ Corrasion
2.1 Waves contain material like pebble and shingle. It hurls them against a cliff faces and the material in the wave is used to break the cliff up.
3 Corrosion
3.1 Sea water reacts chemically with the rock and dissolves it
4 Attrition
4.1 This is when the rocks in the water knock against each other and become smaller, rounded and smoother

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