Christian Ethics

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Christian Ethics
1 Is based on the will of God
2 'Ethics deal with what is morally right or wrong. Christian ethics deals with what is morally right or wrong for a Christian.
3 Christians believe that God has an unchangeable, moral character. God's will reflect the attributes of his own moral character. The attributes; justice, mercy and love.
4 Christian ethics is based on God's revelation.
4.1 Based on God's commands which have been revealed through nature and scripture. God reveals the basis for human ethical behavior.
5 When anyone acts morally, even an etheist, they are acting in accordance with the will of God because as humans our moral nature is God-given.
6 Christian Ethics is Prescriptive
6.1 Morality came from God - he created it
6.2 Christian Ethics is not descriptive. It does not deal with how things are but how they ought to be.
6.2.1 If ethics is descriptive it would mean that people should murder, cheat, steal, etc.
7 Christian ethics is absolute.
7.1 Because God's moral nature does not change. Christians believe that acts which reflect God'd nature are always right regardless of the outcome.
7.1.1 Eg; it is right to fight against racism and injustice even if you fail.
8 Christian ethics is deontological
8.1 because moral actions which reflect God's nature, are good regardless whether they are successful or not.
9 Key Influences of Christian Ethics
9.1 Jewish Roots
9.1.1 Jesus was Jewish
9.1.2 The old testament is the Jewish Tora
9.2 The Bible
9.2.1 God is creator - all powerful
9.2.2 The 10 commandments
9.2.3 New testament - Life of Jesus
9.3 Conscience
9.3.1 The voice of God is a moral guidence
9.3.2 Connection with God
9.4 St Paul
9.4.1 Love - Agape
9.4.2 Selfless Love
9.4.3 The good samaritan
10 Christians believe that after life you go to heaven or hell. God may choose which one you go to down to the actions you have done in your life.
11 'love your neighbour as yourself'
12 Christians teach that life is sacred therefore you must protect it. You must not kill.
13 Acting in accordance with the nature of God may be absolute but acting in accordance with the will of God may be absolute of relative.
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