Researching Education

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Created by MeganAbigail over 6 years ago
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Researching Education
1 Researching teachers, the main problems
1.1 Teacher may see the researcher as a trespasser
1.2 Teachers can be overworked so may not be helpful
1.3 Questionnaires ect. must be short
1.4 Teachers are good at "putting on a show" to give a good impression
2 Researching classrooms, the main problems
2.1 Less open
2.2 Teachers/pupils are good at hiding thoughts
2.3 Peer pressure
3 Closed environment
3.1 An environment where you are controlled
4 Schools have hierarchies, this means that where there is conflict the researcher may be seen as an enemy
5 Legal frameworks mean that some information may be restricted to researchers
6 Education is always under scrutiny by media, parents and politicians
7 Researching parents
7.1 Can be hard to contact

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