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1 Halal
1.1 Acceptable Actions
1.1.1 e.g. Halal Meat
1.2 Split into Categories of importance
2 Haram
2.1 Forbidden Actions
2.1.1 Gambling
2.1.2 Smoking
2.1.3 Drinking
3 Shari'ah Law
3.1 Must be Upheld
3.1.1 In order to be a good Muslim
4 5 Pillars
4.1 Shahadah
4.1.1 Declaration of Faith Performed in Morning and Before bed Whispered unto babies and said to people on their deathbeds
4.1.2 "There is no God but Allah, and Muhammad is his Messenger"
4.2 Salah
4.2.1 Prayer 5 times a Day
4.2.2 Mosque
4.2.3 Facing Mecca
4.2.4 Called to prayer by a Muezzin
4.3 Zakat
4.3.1 Giving money to Charity
4.3.2 2.5% of salary
4.3.3 Anonymous
4.3.4 Only if possible
4.4 Saum
4.4.1 Fasting during Ramadan No food during Daylight hours Eid al-Fitr at the end of the Month 9th Month of Islamic Calendar
4.5 Hajj
4.5.1 Holy Pilgrimage to Mecca
4.5.2 Person who has completed Hajj is called a Hajji
4.5.3 At least once in a Lifetime
4.5.4 Exceptions Severely Poor Disabled Pregnant Working
5 Muhammad
5.1 Seal of the Prophets
5.1.1 The Last one
5.2 Lived and Worked in Mecca
5.3 "Peace be upon him"
6 Holy Writings
6.1 Qur'an
6.1.1 Revealed word of Allah to Muhammad
6.1.2 Written in Arabic
6.1.3 Must wash before reading it Wudu
6.1.4 Must be silence when Qur'an is read
6.1.5 Read back to Front
6.2 Sunnah
6.2.1 Moral Code for how Muslims should live their own lives
6.3 Hadith
6.3.1 Written readings of Muhammad's life/words/practises
7 Sadaqah
7.1 A good deed done for the love and sake of Allah
8 Allah
8.1 Shirk
8.1.1 Sin of Depicting Allah
8.2 The 'One'
8.3 God in Arabic
8.4 Many names
8.4.1 The Protector
8.4.2 The Mighty
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