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Elisabetta Marigo
Created by Elisabetta Marigo over 5 years ago
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Topic 1A- The Circulatory System
1 the choice of the appropriate means of transport is the key element of distribution of goods
1.1 there is a number of considerable factors, they include:
1.1.1 the cost involved
1.1.2 how urgently the goods are needed
1.1.3 the speed and security of transport
1.1.4 the type of product to be transported
1.1.5 transport by road by rail sea transport by air pipelines Advantages cheaper effective Disadvantages expensive to build routes are fixed only for certain types of goods airplanes Advantages very fast over long distances suitable for urgently-required, perishable goods Disadvantages very expensive only for limited weights subject to delays need of other means of transport cargo ships Advantages can transport unlimited weights and sizes cheaper suitable for long distances Disadvantages slow need of additional means of transport subject to timetable and weather conditions any accident can cause serious effects on the environment the railway Advantages faster than road transport for long journey suitable for bulk goods causes less pollution not subject to delays due to bad weather or traffic conditions Disadvantages slower and more expensive over short distances lack of flexibility as routes are fixed subject to timetable and delays due to strikes and manpower problems need of additional mode of transport couriers, road haulage firms, carriers TIR lorries Advantages relatively cheap and fast over long distances maximum flexibility with door-to- door service not subject to fixed timetable routes can be changed at short notice Disadvantages slower over long distances the weight of each load is limited subject to delay due to road traffic causes air pollution and other forms of environmental damage

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