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my Training Path
  1. Make compelling design
    1. Justification: graphic design is one of the skills that we develop during our major and with this series of courses we can enrich our knowledge, abilities and methods to create communication through the images for a branding project.
      1. Course description: The aim for this course is to guide and bring new tools for “making and communicating” to the students that are related on the world of graphic design in fields like interface design, motion graphics and editorial design.
    2. Turn your ideas into objects
      1. Justification: 3D projects is the most common work in our field but now clients not only want a 3D model sometimes they want a plus for their project like a 3D print and I found interesting this part but is not easy that seems, it requires to explore new softwares and techniques.
        1. Course description: this course offer a hands-on experience by the introduction of 3D printings, to learn how to be a 3D printer with the last technology and softwares to transform a digital design into a tangible object that we can offer to individuals or companies to enhance the projects.
      2. Creative writing: the craft of character
        1. Justification: In animation projects is important to have a solid message or a main character to give the purpose and justification of the story, is very important to know how to create a character that tell what we wants and the audience understand easily.
          1. Course description: In this course we will learn how to create a complex character for our stories through our own life experience, applying writing techniques for the construction of memorable and unforgettable characters to audience appeal.
        2. Visualizing the Unimaginable
          1. Justification: when we work in the creative area sometimes the most difficult thing is to find the best and simple way to show our ideas through images and people and audience around us can understand them.
            1. Course description: With this course we can develop the ability to communicate our ideas through basic concepts that can be represented by images to ourselves or partners and improve the skills to transform our thoughts in semiotic illustrations for the audience comprehension.
          2. Character design for video games
            1. Justification: Video games are part of digital art, is important for an artist related in 3D art to know how to make characters for games. I am interested to learn the basic concepts for a fuctional character design.
              1. Course description: In the course we learn how to create a useful character for video games, it includes to think not only in the appearance also in the movement restrictions or what will be the roll of the character in the game. We will apply basic drawing skills to get the ability to present them in the correct way like their expression and model sheet.
            2. Introduction to ZBrush
              1. Justification: I am very interested in digital sculpture and I have been the opportunity to work in ZBrush (3D software) and I very liked it but it is a whole world that implied to take some time to understand and familiarize with the interface.
                1. Course description: this course is the introduction to ZBrush software, in this tutorial we will be able to surf in the interface and know how it works; we will understand very technical functions, methods and concepts to create our 3D sculpture model.
              2. Introduction to SketchBook Pro 6
                1. Justification: I would like to try SketchBook Pro because we always use Photoshop but is important to have experience in different platforms that make work easy and faster like SketchBook application.
                  1. Course description: This course introduces to SketchBook Pro platform to know how to use the tools, the interface and methods for digital drawing and painting that offer a faster way of work to digital artists. We will learn very technical software functions for illustration and design.
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