Present Perfect

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Created by emma_segev over 5 years ago
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Present Perfect
1 To talk about recent past events
1.1 She has recently changed jobs.
1.2 I have just finished lunch, I'm not hungry
1.3 I have already read that book.
1.4 Already/Just/Recently
2 To say that something has happened several times
2.1 So far this morning, I have made 3 phone calls.
2.2 Up to now, I have completed 5 reports.
2.3 I have been to France twice, so far this year.
2.4 Up to now/ So far
3 To talk about a state that started in the past and continues until now
3.1 For/Since
3.2 I have been an engineer since 2005.
3.3 I haven't seen Steve since last week.
3.4 I have lived in England for 5 years.
4 To talk about life experience
4.1 I have never been to Spain.
4.2 The party was the worst I have ever been to.
4.3 I haven't seen the movie yet.
4.4 Yet/Ever/ Never

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