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All about Christianity

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  1. Temptation
    1. Jesus was tempted by devil after his body has weakened due to 40 days of fasting
      1. 3 challenges took place
            1. This show that he could only accomplish God's purpose through rejection, suffering, death and resurrection
            2. The Last Days
              1. Baptism
                1. This incident was accepted by Christian as a private revealation to him for the beginning for his ministry ahead as God's Messiah
                  1. It is an invitation rite/ritual in which a believer or an infant is sprinkled with water or immersed in water
                    1. Jesus was baptised by John The Baptist at the age of 30 years old
                      1. This happened at the bank of River Jordan
                        1. He also heard the voice of God saying that he was his only son-another prove if divinity of Jesus
                          1. It was told that whrn he camr out of the water, he saw heaven above him opened and the Holy Spirit coming down on him in form of a dove
                          2. The Resurrection
                            1. The Death Of Jesus
                              1. The Story Begin
                                1. Palestine was controlled by Romans for decades with iron fist
                                  1. Jewish who stayed in Palestine waiting for the coming of Messiah (Savior) with the hope this warrior can release them from Romans
                                    1. Jesus was born in the year 4 BC in Bthelehem Judea, a place in Palestine
                                      1. Some of the Jewish joined a group of freedom fighter, some others still waiting for the coming of the Messiah
                                        1. Later, Judea was lead by Herold The Great and he tried to kill Jesus by ordering the murder of all the boys under age two
                                          1. He stayed with his parents until he reached the age of 30 years old . Within the times, he used to go to temple (synagogue) in Jerusalem on special festivals (Passover) and participate in worship on Sabbath Day (Saturday)
                                            1. Jesus birth was far from ordinary as his mother was a virgin and angel proclaimed that he is the promised Messiah
                                              1. He was portrayed both human and fully divine
                                                1. As a Jewish, he was circumcised on the 8th day of his birth
                                            2. The Disciples
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