The Three Gorges Dam

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The Three Gorges Dam
1 Location
1.1 Yangtze River, China
1.1.1 Third longest River in the world prone to seasonal flooding Raining season June-August
1.1.2 6380km
2 General Info
2.1 Major cities along the Yangtze
2.1.1 Wuhan & Nanjing
2.2 5 major floods in the last century
2.2.1 Flood of 1954 covered 193000 km^2 Killed 33,169 18 Million had to move
2.2.2 1998 Flood killed 3000 14 million homeless
2.3 Most flood defenses are made though hard engineering
3 Defenses include Dams and Levees
3.1 46 Dams being constructed at the moment
3.2 Three Gorges Dam
3.2.1 Work started in 1994
3.2.2 101m tall wall
3.2.3 A reservoir is being built behind it Catches floodwater 22km^3
3.2.4 Hydroelectric Power station 26 turbines built into Dam
3.2.5 Locks have been built along side the dam so ships can get past
4 Negative effects
4.1 People have had to relocate as water levels behind the dam have risen
4.1.1 13 Cities
4.1.2 2 million people
4.1.3 1352 villages
4.1.4 Farmland
4.1.5 657 factories
4.1.6 1300 sites of cultural & historic interest
4.2 Dam will trap sediment
4.2.1 Could lead to failure of the dam then lots of flooding
4.3 Could destroy habits and endangered species
4.3.1 Siberian Crane spends winter in wetlands of the dam
4.3.2 -100 baiji dolphins left in Yangtze dam could reduce food supply
4.4 Increased flooding on tributaries
4.4.1 Daning River
4.4.2 Increased erosion on banks
5 Positive Effects
5.1 reduced major flooding from once in ever 10 years to every 100 years
5.2 now safer to navigate up the Yangtze
5.2.1 River shipping has also increased to bigger ships as the reservoir is deeper
5.3 dam produces lots of electricity
5.3.1 22.5 gigawatts can cater for 3% of China's demand
6 Levees have also caused problems
6.1 1998 floods broke causing devastating flooding
6.1.1 after this levees were reinforced effective at reducing flooding in 2002 floods
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