IGCSE Computer Science

George Power
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George Power
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A mind map for IGCSE computer science. W.I.P

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IGCSE Computer Science
  1. Data Representaion
    1. Computers are used to store all different kinds of data: numbers, text, sound, graphics, etc.
      1. Data also comes in different forms, bytes, hexadecimal, denary, etc.
      2. Communication and Internet technologies
        1. How computers communicate with each other and how the internet connects millions of devices around the world.
        2. Hardware and Software
          1. The differences and advantages and disadvantages of hardware and software as well as understanding their purposes.
          2. Security
            1. How computer security works and methods for keeping your personal data and computer safe from intruders.
            2. Ethics
              1. The ethical side of computing; why viruses are created; how are computers used for good and how are they used for bad.
              2. Algorithm design and problem-solving
                1. How algorithms are used to solve problems automatically and generate data when following specific rules and conditions
                2. Programming
                  1. How programs are made using their different coding languages. (Python, C#, C++, Objective C, BASIC, Java, Javascript, Lua, Ruby, Perl, Lisp, etc.)
                  2. Databases
                    1. How databases are used to store data as well as their advantages and disadvantages. How databases are used on a daily basis
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