Architecture mind map

Joel Kenneth Fredericks
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Joel Kenneth Fredericks
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Computer Science Mind Map on Architecture mind map, created by Joel Kenneth Fredericks on 09/07/2016.

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Architecture mind map
  1. Chapter 1
    1. Structure
      1. The way in which the components are interrelated
        1. Central processing unit
          1. Control unit
            1. Arithmetic and Logic unit
              1. Register
                1. CPU Interconnetion
                2. Main memory
                  1. Input/Output
                    1. System interconnection
                  2. Function
                    1. The operation of each individual component as part of the struture
                      1. Data processing
                        1. Data Sorage
                          1. Data Movement
                            1. Control
                        2. Chapter 2
                          1. First Generation: Vacuum Tubes
                            1. Electrical Numerical Integrator and Computer (ENIAC)
                              1. Decimal based
                              2. IAS Computer
                                1. John Van Neumann
                                  1. 40 bit word
                                    1. 8 bit opcode
                                      1. 12 bit address
                                      2. Instruction cycle
                                        1. Fetch cycle
                                          1. Execute cycle
                                      3. Second Generation: Transistors
                                        1. Third Generation: Integrated Circuits
                                          1. Gate
                                            1. Memory Cell
                                              1. Moore's Law
                                                1. Transistor Density doubled every 18 months
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