The GED Science Subject Test

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Created by menaka.sachdev over 5 years ago
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The GED Science Subject Test
1 Earth and Space Science
1.1 20% of Test
1.1.1 Tests Your Knowledge of: The solar system, what the earth is made of, the earth's structure, and the earth's role in the universe
2 Life Sciences
2.1 45% of Test
2.1.1 Biology Ecology Tests Your Knowledge of: Living things, micro-organisms, plants, cells, genes, and evolution
3 Physical Science
3.1 35% of Test
3.1.1 Chemistry Physics Tests Your Knowledge of: Objects, Substances, Energy, and Chemicals
4 80 Minutes
4.1 50 Multiple Choice Questions
4.1.1 Questions may feature graphs, charts, tables, and diagrams
5 Scoring between 200-800 points
5.1 Passing score is 410+

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