Nutrition in Plants

Ekanth sai Sundar Yellanki
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Nutrition in Plants
  1. Autotrophic
    1. The Mode of Nutrition in Which Organisms Make Food Themselves From Simple Substances
    2. Stomata
      1. The Tiny Pores in Which Gases Are Exchanged in Plants
      2. Chlorophyll
        1. The Green Pigment Present in Leaves
        2. Heterotrophs
          1. Organisms Which Take Ready Made Food
          2. Host
            1. The Plant on Which A Parasite Derives its Nutrients is Called Host
            2. Insectivorous
              1. Insect Eating Plants
              2. Nutrient
                1. The Components of Food Which Are Necessary To The Body
                2. Nutrition
                  1. It is The Mode of Taking Food And Utilization By its Body
                  2. Parasite
                    1. It is An Organism Which Takes Nutrients From Other Plants
                    2. Photosynthesis
                      1. The Process of Making Food of Green Plants With Simple And Natural Substances Around Them
                      2. Saprotrophs
                        1. Plants Which Take Nutrients From Dead And Decaying Matter
                        2. Saprotrophic Nutrition
                          1. Mode of Nutrition in Which Plants Take Nutrients From Dead And Decaying Matter
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