Skeletal System

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Homework on Skeletal system (notes-mindmap)

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Skeletal System
  1. Functions of the Skeleton
    1. Support
      1. Human Skeleton is an upright frame- gives human body it's characteristic shape.
        1. Arranged to provide means of support- body and its component parts.
        2. Protection
          1. Bones form protective containers for internal organs.
            1. E.g. *Flat bones of skull surround and protect the brain. * Bones of thorax protect the heart and lungs. *Pelvic Girdle protects the reproductive organs.
          2. Movement
            1. Muscles attach to bones, enabling them to act as levers.
            2. Development of blood cells
              1. Mineral reservoir
              2. Types of Joint + Cartilage, Tendons and Ligaments
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