Australia vs UK PE

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Australia vs UK PE
1 UK
1.1 Focus/aim
1.1.1 Elite sport in schools is extra- curricular activity.
1.2 Ethos
1.2.1 Participation ethic prevails. Ethic is determined by the teacher. Education aim.
1.3 Selection
1.3.1 Inter-school sport voluntary activity
1.4 Status
1.4.1 Inter-school sport is lower status compared to PE
1.5 Organisation
1.5.1 Some Governing Body Competitions e.g FA schools knockout. Individual teachers/SSCo’s may organise local leagues. Inter-school fixtures may be organised on a friendly basis.
1.6 Leader
1.6.1 Teachers tend to be in charge of sport. It’s a voluntary commitment. Some coaches employed in specialist sports.
1.7 Contract of teacher/coach
1.7.1 Teacher has permanent contract
1.8 Club links
1.8.1 Government initiatives: School Co-ordinators Programme. Local authority sports development team work with clubs and schools. Governing bodies and more affluent clubs have youth development officer.
1.9 Awards
1.9.1 Governing Body Award Schemes. World Class funding programme for top athletes is administered by UK Sport. Private sponsorships are available for individuals/teams
1.10 Progression
1.10.1 Progression through Junior clubs
2 Australia
2.1 Focus/aim
2.1.1 Sport focus on mass participation ethic. Has state and national representations in some sports e.g. Australia Schools Rugby, Pacific School Games.
2.2 Ethos
2.2.1 Development of games through strong emphasis on participation. Education aim.
2.3 Selection
2.3.1 Intra and inter-school participation for all in wide range of sports
2.4 Status
2.4.1 PE and inter-school sport have an equal high priority in the curriculum
2.5 Organisation
2.5.1 State Competitions organised by school sports associations e.g. Victoria Secondary Schools Sports Associations (VSSSA)
2.6 Leader
2.6.1 Teacher leads Sport Education and PE programmes. Specialist coaches can be hired. Senior pupils used as Sports Programme Leaders.
2.7 Contract of teacher/coach
2.7.1 Teacher has permanent contract
2.8 Club links
2.8.1 Sports linkage programme has extensive links between clubs and schools.
2.9 Progression
2.9.1 Progression to sports institutes or academies through the club system
2.10 Awards
2.10.1 State Awards to recognise achievement and contribution e.g. Baron de Coubertin Awards in Victoria.
2.11 Community interest
2.11.1 Minimal community interest. Tends to be parental interest.
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