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Mercedes Benz
1 How it began
1.1 The history of Mercedes-Benz goes back almost 150 years ago. The brand was created as a result of the efforts of Carl Benz (creator of the first ever automobile) and Gottlieb Daimler (inventor of the high-speed petrol engine).
1.1.1 In 1886 Carl Benz created a three-wheeled, self-propelled "Motorwagen". the first automobile changed the way people moved, and changed engineering ever since.
1.1.2 In 1978 Anti Braking System (ABS) was first introduced. ABS helps the driver retain steering control under heavy braking by preventing wheel lockup. ABS is a system still used today in modern cars.
1.1.3 In 2001 Mercedes Benz introduced PRE-SAFE, this is a system that can help prepare the occupants for an accident before it happens, PRE-SAFE can detect that certain types of collision might be imminent and adjusts the seat belts and head restraints to minimize injuries.
2 Enviroment
2.1 "Long before it became front-page news, Mercedes-Benz has been innovating and implementing new ways to help minimize the impact of cars and trucks on the world we share. It's a promise that's been kept for generations, and not just with cleaner, more efficient power under the hood. It starts well before a Mercedes-Benz travels its first mile, and extends beyond its long and reliable lifespan. And like every aspect of Mercedes-Benz innovation, it sets the stage for the mobility, and the world, everyone will enjoy tomorrow."
2.1.1 Mercedes Benz are partnered with a leading non-profit to help spread the word about the benefits of clean diesel In contrast to traditional diesel, the Clean Diesel partner vehicles deliver on average 18% higher fuel efficiency while reducing CO2 emissions when compared to corresponding gas models.
2.1.2 Mercedes Benz also offer Flexible Fuel Vehicles (FFV).(FFV) gives you a choice in fuels whenever you pull up to the pump. You can use gasoline or, fill it up with E85 Ethanol, fuel that's 15 percent gasoline and 85 percent ethyl alcohol (ethanol),ethanol is a locally produced, renewable resource that can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by up to 70 percent.
3 Style
3.1 "The philosophy of Mercedes-Benz Style is based on intelligent and progressive design that works perfectly. Every product created by Mercedes-Benz Style embodies the very deliberate and distinctive use of innovative materials, colour combinations, structures, shapes and light."
3.1.1 Exterior Design Mercedes Benz exterior although being consistently ahead of their time are often described as being timeless. With the idea that no matter the new aero-dynamics or techinical requirements, every new Mercedes-Benz design is simply a new interpretation of the values they've believed in for more than 125 years.
3.1.2 Interior Design The main goal when desinging the interior of a Mercedes Benz product is simple; when you first step inside and close the door you should feel at home. To achiece this goal no detail is over looked to create an atmosphere that gives you a sense of confidence and well-being.
3.1.3 Colours and Materials Specialists are chosen to select the colour palette and materials for every interior surface. Texture, gloss levels and other details are chosen based in part on their ability to convey high levels of quality.
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