Use of Fold Mountains: Andes

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Use of Fold Mountains: Andes
1 Mining
1.1 Andes contains many useful minerals
1.1.1 Andean countries rank in the top 10 in the world for tin, nickel, silver and gold
1.2 Yanacocha Gold Mine
1.2.1 Largest Gold Mine in the world
1.2.2 Open Pit
1.2.3 Dynamite used to free the gold from the rock Then sprayed with cyanide
1.2.4 Cajamarca Nearby town which has grown from 30,000 people to 240,000 people in 2005 Jobs created Problems: Lack of services, resources and increased crime rate
1.3 More than half of Peru's exports are from mining
2 Tourism
2.1 Natural Features and Attractions
2.1.1 Glaciers
2.1.2 Peaks
2.1.3 Volcanoes
2.2 Machu Picchu
2.2.1 Historic City
2.3 Inca Trail
2.3.1 45 km trek Finishing at Machu Picchu Altitudes of 4,200m are reached
2.3.2 Named as a world heritage site
2.3.3 Tropical jungle 250 species of orchid found Many species of tropical birds
3 Farming
3.1 Subsistence Farmers
3.1.1 Grow crops on the slopes with the help of TERRACES Terraces retain water Limit the downward movement of soil
3.2 Use of Llamas
3.2.1 Carrying materials for irrigation and buildings into inaccessible areas
3.2.2 Machu Picchu used llamas
3.2.3 Carry over 25% of their own bodyweight
3.2.4 Transport
3.2.5 Meat and milk and wool
4.1 Steep Sided Andes slopes mean water flows faster
4.1.1 Even more so when the snow melts and adds to the water flow
4.2 Narrow Valleys
4.2.1 Easily Dammed
4.3 Yuncan Project
4.3.1 Paucartambo and Huachon Rivers
4.4 El Platinal Project
4.4.1 Cañete River
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