GCSE Geo- rivers

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GCSE Geo- rivers
1 Hyrographys
1.1 vocab
1.1.1 discharge: the colume of water pasing a given point in a river at any moment in time
1.1.2 lag time: the time it takes for rainfall to get to the river
1.1.3 falling limb:water is still reaching the river but in decreasing amounts
1.1.4 rising limb:the normal flow of the river starts to rise
1.1.5 Flashy responce: river that responds quicky to rain to is has a high peak and short lag time
1.2 Built up area
1.2.1 Higher Discharge Due to: artificial surfaces - tarmac and concrete= less surface run off
1.2.2 Short Lag time Due to: little interception by vegetation etc little infiltration (small amounts of vegetation )
1.2.3 Flashy Responce faster response = higher peak discharge
1.3 Forested Area
1.3.1 long lag time
1.3.2 low discharge - Infiltration high. -Ground water flow slower than surface run off. -Water flows slower over vegetetation
1.3.3 subdued responce slower response = lower peak discharge
2.1 Bangledesh
2.2 CockerMouth
3 Hard/Soft Engeneering
3.1 HARD
3.1.1 Dams disadvantages resettlement very expensive Habitats effected Advantages turbines can be built into the dam to generate hydroelectric power steady water release allows irrigation to land the resevoir can be used for recreational water sports
3.1.2 Straightening and deepening of rivers disadvantages Flooding may happen downstream because flood water is carried there faster more erosion occurs downstream advantages it time less time to nivagate the river because the channel is shorter we can harness the extra power to make electricity
3.1.3 Levees advantages they allow flood plain to be built on the river can hold mor water disadvantages they are quite expensive if breached = risk of severe flooding
3.1.4 Others Diversion spillways Flood walls Storage areas
3.2 SOFT
3.2.1 -Forecasts and Warnings -Preperation advantages enables time to evacuate = lives + possessions saved sustainable + cheap disadvantages cannot always predict floods/ danger people may ignore warnings
3.2.2 Floodplain zoning etc advangages there are no new buildings/ roads etc to be damaged so impact of flooding reduced lives/ property saved disadvantages its restrics development ( big problem when there is a shortage on housing it cant be used in areas that are already urbanized
3.2.3 Afforestation + Reforestation disadvantages takes time large areas required to be effective/ land that could have been used for economic activity advantages very effective long term creates wildlife habitats vegetation protects against soil erosion