Blood brothers 10Y2

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Year 10 English Mind Map on Blood brothers 10Y2, created by Lord Ben on 09/16/2016.

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Blood brothers 10Y2
1 Mrs Johnstone
1.1 Loving mother
1.2 Values people over money
1.2.1 Cant say not when it comes to her children
1.3 Uneducated
1.3.1 Trapped in poverty
2 Themes
2.1 Working class
2.2 Love
2.3 Superstition
2.3.1 Shoes on table
2.4 Nature Vs Nurture
2.5 Poverty Cycle
3 Setting
3.1 Liverpool
3.1.1 25% unemployment
3.2 1980s
4 Mrs Lyons
4.1 manipulative
4.2 married
4.3 cant have kids
4.4 Unstable
5 Narrator
5.1 Takes on Any roles
5.2 Alerts people to the Themes
5.3 Knows what is going to happen
6 Mr Lyons
6.1 Is never There
6.1.1 Characterized by his absences and what he lets Mrs Lyons get away with not by what he does
6.2 Lets Mrs Lyons get what she wants
6.2.1 "the house is you domain"
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