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Study guide for chapter 1

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  1. Properties that show life
    1. made up of at least one cell
      1. must reproduce
        1. Has to have order
          1. responds to evironment
            1. growth and development
            2. Levels of Organization- organized by structure and their function
              1. Biosphere- atmosphere of earth
                1. Ecosystem- all organisms living and non-living in a particular area
                  1. Community- all living things in an area
                    1. Population- all individuals of one species
                      1. Organism- one individual living thing
                        1. Organ system(11) - all organs in an individual living thing
                          1. Organ- one organ in the system with a specific function
                            1. Tissue- collections of cells with specific functions
                              1. Cell- fundamental unit of all life
                                1. Organelle- structures within cells with specific functions
                                  1. Molecule- two or more atoms (elements from the periodic table)
                                    1. Atom- simpleist unit of matter that has certain properties
                                    2. Viruses
                                      1. not composed of cells
                                        1. non-living
                                          1. causes ilness
                                            1. has to infect a host cell inorder to reproduce-- takes over the cell which then in turn does the infecting and reproducing
                                            2. Cells - fundamental unit of life, containing DNA
                                              1. Prokaryotic - before the nucleous
                                                1. lacks membrane bound organelles
                                                  1. always unicellular
                                                    1. no nucleous
                                                      1. example: bacteria
                                                      2. Eukaryotic - true nucleous
                                                        1. contains membrane bound organells
                                                          1. unicellular or multicelluar
                                                            1. examples: plants, animals, fungi
                                                          2. DNA
                                                            1. contains genes (packets of genetic info)
                                                              1. 23 pairs of chromosomes
                                                                1. double helix structure
                                                                  1. four chemical building blocks (1990- human genenom project)
                                                                    1. about 20,000 genes per person
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