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Mind map from the Unit Structures for the Subject Technology in 2nd ESO (Madrid-Spain)

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  1. Set of elements in a body that are designed to resist the effects of the forces that act on it, while maintaining its original shape
    1. Structural conditions
      1. Stability
        1. Resistance
          1. Rigidity
          2. Functions
            1. Storage
              1. Height functions
                1. Protection and shape maintenance
                  1. Coverage and spaces creation function
                    1. Traversing geographic obstacles
                    2. Force
                      1. Physical magnitude able to alter the shape or the movement state of an element
                        1. Loads (forces upon a body)
                          1. Permanent
                            1. Variable
                          2. Stresses
                            1. Traction
                              1. Compression
                                1. Bending
                                  1. Torsion
                                    1. Shearing or cutting
                                    2. Types (man-made)
                                      1. Massive structures, lintels
                                        1. Vaulted
                                          1. Triangular
                                            1. Suspended
                                              1. Reinforced concrete structures
                                                1. Laminated
                                                  1. Structural elements
                                                    1. Columns, pillars and pilasters
                                                      1. Beams, joists and lintels
                                                        1. Arches and vaults
                                                          1. Butresses and flying butresses
                                                            1. Load bearing and retaining walls
                                                              1. Concrete slabs
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