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1 he process of cancer cells leaving a vessel and infiltrating the surrounding tissue.
1.1 . If cancer cells survive the adverse conditions in the vessels and reach the bigger venous blood vessels
1.1.1 they are carried further by the blood stream and reach, after the passage of the heart, the capillary network of the lung there is a high probability that the cancer cells get entangled in the capillary system of the lungs This can be explained by the size of the cancer cells (~20 μm diameter) in relation to the capillaries (~3-8 μm diameter). cancer discard a great amount of their cytoplasm in order to form smaller, but still vital cells, which can pass the lung capillaries When the cancer cells leave the lung capillaries and reach the general arterial vessels, they can migrate into various kinds of body tissue extravasation can take place in two different ways. One possibility is that cancer cells start to proliferate in the lumen of a vessel this could be due Due to the growth of the tumor, the vessel wall is destroyed and thus the cancer cell's way into the tissue of the organ is paved second possibility for the cancer cells to penetrate an organ is similar to the intravasation and includes the degradation of endothelium and basement
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