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Mind map To remember the most Important Points in 1st lecture

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Chapter 1 - The Accounting Environment
Botany Starch Practical Cards
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MGT 349-Management a Practical Introduction Chapter 16
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Lecture One Botany Quiz
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Psychology 115 Final Exam Review
Introduction to Microeconomics and The Economy
1 Pharmacognosy
1.1 Objective Study of Crude Drugs
1.1.1 Crude Drug Is the harvested & usually dried parts of plant/animal origin of pharmaceutical value before they undergo any modification/processing
2 Natural Product
2.1 the biosynthetic substance produced by living cells
3 Organized Drug
3.1 From specific organ has cellular structure
4 Unorganized Drug
4.1 NOT from specific organ Has No cellular Structure ( Exudates )
5 Pharmacopeia
5.1 The book recognized by the government as the legal authority for standards
5.1.1 Official Drug Listed In the Pharmacopeia
5.1.2 Non-official Drug Not Listed In Pharmacopeia
6 Flora
6.1 Word devoted to the parts of particular region restricted to a major segment in the plant kingdom
7 Origin
7.1 Natural
7.2 Geographical
7.2.1 Habitat ! region in which ! plant or animal yielding
7.2.2 Indeginous ! is the plant the grows in its Native country
7.2.3 Exotic Not native
7.2.4 Naturalized Grow in foreign countries other than their Native Home
7.3 Commercial
8 Production Of Crude Drugs
8.1 Cultivation
8.1.1 Cultivated Plants Small Controlled Area Control Quality High Purity Regular Supply Trained Persons
8.1.2 Wild Plants Cheap Grow in Native Habitat --> best Quality
8.2 Collection
8.2.1 Proper Time Of Year Summer Rhubarb Colchicum Hyosymus
8.2.2 Proper Time Of Day Morning Solanceous Leaves Afternoon Digitalis Leaves
8.3 Drying
8.4 Packing
8.5 Storage

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