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Creativity Tool
1 Innovative Measures
1.1 Brainstorming
1.1.1 Ask the right questions Where do competitors rank? What adds uniqueness to the project and company? Solve for potential issues will the task/company run into?
1.2 Avoid Activity delays
1.2.1 keep constant flow of tasks continue growing and building projects
1.3 Utilize the strength of others
1.3.1 Access assets Assessments to evaluate extent of assets' abilities assign tasks based upon assessments
1.3.2 Diffuse Responsibility of Tasks Become more time efficient allows for greater time to review objectives
1.4 Identify Market Trends
1.4.1 Research and Development How do projects of a certain magnitude compare to previous projects
2 Motivation
2.1 Incentive approach
2.1.1 compensation for meeting deadlines
2.2 Understand one's motives
2.3 Understand Responsibilities
2.3.1 Role within the organization
2.3.2 Role among the team
2.4 Assertiveness
2.4.1 Take action
3 Effective Leadership
3.1 Remain in control
3.1.1 Be decisive
3.1.2 Address and contain issues Actively Listen
3.2 Appeal to audience
3.3 Work with the team
3.4 Frequent assessment and Evaluation
3.4.1 completion of objectives
4 Effective Communicator
4.1 Address concerns
4.1.2 Understand and comprehend beliefs of team members Formulate directed approaches
4.2 Frequent meetings
4.2.1 Openly discuss objectives Address utilization of the team's potential
4.3 Utilize forms of communication
4.3.1 Memos/reminders/emails/etc
4.4 Act quick to satisfy the needs of the team
4.4.1 Illustrate confidence and trust among the team Team building exercises
5 Taking more Risks
5.1 Remove Self Limitations
5.1.1 Address extent of fear in risk taking start small and work to embrace decisions that carry risk
5.2 Determine Size of Risk
5.2.1 What portions of the organizations resources are allocated in the task? less may result in more reward
5.3 Confidence in acquired knowledge
5.3.1 Perform sufficient research
5.3.2 Understand significance of role in the company Decisiveness without hesitation
5.4 Assess past endeavors
5.4.1 Reasons for previous failures Solutions to overcome recurrence
5.5 Utilize the senses
5.5.1 Trust and reliance on intuition
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