Claudius (Villain)


A mind map exploring the ideas about Claudius and his motivation and outcomes from his crime
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Claudius (Villain)
  1. How did/does he execute the crime?
    1. Cold blooded murder
      1. "With juice of cursed hebenon in a vial, and in the porches of my ears did pour the leprous distilment"
        1. I, v, 62
    2. What motivated him to commit the crime?
      1. He wanted what his brother had
        1. "my crown, mine own ambition, and my queen"
          1. III, iii, 55
      2. What was/is the outcome of the crime?
        1. He got what his brother had
        2. How does he feel about his crime over time?
          1. He feels guilty but doesn't want to give up what he obtained from murdering his brother
            1. "May on be pardoned and retain th' offence"
              1. III, iii, 56
          2. How is he avenged - by what means? Is it a 'just' demise for the audience?
            1. Hamlet hurts Claudius with the poisoned blade and makes him drink the rest of the poison from the cup
              1. He dies by his own doing
                1. "The point envenomed too! Then, venom, to they work"
                  1. V, ii, 301
                  2. "Drink off this poison"
                    1. V, ii, 305
                2. Does one feel any sympathy for Claudius?
                  1. No, he killed the king, his own brother and lets Gertrude die.
                    1. But Hamlet does torture him as such, as he drags out the revenge and uses things like the play within the play to torment Claudius
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