Basic Legal Concepts

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Basic Legal Concepts
1 Meaning of Law
1.1 Any act of commission which breaches the acceptable code of society
2 Customs, Rules and Law
2.1 Customs: A tradition or a norm that is closely linked to religious, social or cultural practices.
2.2 Rules: Directions created in order to limit or control behaviour in certain circumstances if not obeyed.
2.3 Law: Any act of commission which breaches the acceptable code of society.
3 Values and Ethics
3.1 Values: A personal measure of right and wrong.
3.2 Ethics: A system of moral principles.
4 Characteristics of Just Laws
4.1 Laws must be discoverable meaning accessible; this means all people can read and understand them.
4.2 They must align with our values; this means incorporate our belief systems (religion).
4.3 Laws must create certainty by setting parameters and ensuring consistency.
4.4 Laws will protect from harm; protections for victims, perpetrators and society
5 Nature of justice: Equity, Fairness, access
5.1 Equity: Laws that don't discriminate and are applied equally
5.2 Fairness: Ensure a particular harsh effect on an individual and the right to appeal to a decision
5.3 Access: Ability to access the law, legal information and assistance to understand the law
6 Procedural Fairness
6.1 Assurance that a part to a dispute will be granted, the right to be heard, to a fair trial, and to an unbiased judge.
6.2 If there is a failure of natural justice, an avenue for appeal may open up
7 Anarchy
7.1 Failure of government
8 Tyranny
8.1 No distinction between law makers, law enforces and the courts. The fact that law enforces act arbitrarily and without fear of consequence
9 Rule of Law
9.1 No one is above the law; everyone is equal in the eyes of the law
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