The Color Purple

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The Color Purple
1 Setting: rural Georgia, first half of the 20th Century
2 The book is written in a combination of letters and prayers, the by end of the book, Celie says she no longer prays to God only writes to him as she feels her prayers have not been answered.
3 Throughout the books there and many references to slavery, and the view that slaves were 'given away' by fellow Africans.
4 The removal of her children, also acts as the removal of part of Celie's identity.
5 There is a strong sense of female oppression especially by the men in the book, in the form of rape and beating, Sofia initially and then other characters begin to fight back.
6 Sexual identity is also explored in the novel, with Celie and Shug engage in a sexual relationship.
6.1 Links to: I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings, Celie and Shug seem acceptant of their sexuality.
7 Religious identity is a key theme due to the letters/prayers being to God, however Celie doubts religion and God as the novel goes on
8 Racial identity is a key theme, the main characters seem very aware of their race and are proud of it, but also see a contrast when Nettie is in Africa.
8.1 Links to: I Know Why Caged Bird Sings, all the characters are very aware of their race, although they are proud of who they are, they still feel extremely oppressed by their race.

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