Themes In Blood Brothers

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Themes In Blood Brothers
1 Friendship
1.1 Change in friendship between Mrs J and Mrs L
1.1.1 before Mrs L knew about the twins: "Mrs J" after Mrs L took Eddie: "Mrs Johnstone"
1.2 Edward and Mickey
1.2.1 instant
1.2.2 tested always separated different social classes unemployment and poverty hits Mickey. Edward seems to him to be from a different world friendship is dependent upon shared experiences Linda "piggy in the middle"
1.2.3 "Blood Brothers"
1.2.4 Brothers/twins
1.2.5 children can make friends easily and form strong relationships even if their parents don't approve human nature is blind to social conventions.
1.3 Mickey and Linda
1.3.1 changes love Physical Sexual
1.4 Edward Linda Mickey
1.4.1 from playing in their childhood growing, going out together drinking marries Mickey
2 Social Class
2.1 wealth brings privilege
2.1.1 even down to the way the Johnstone's and the Lyons are treated differently by the law
2.1.2 lower class are more vulnerable Mrs J easily manipulated by Mrs L has eight children and is forced to give one away
2.1.3 Education better jobs althought Mrs L what has this she is still unhappy No children Very protective over Edward
2.2 ‘I could have been him’
2.2.1 Mickey wants what Eddie has Jelousy
2.2.2 Their fates would of probably still been the same
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