Managing Urban Rebranding

Jodie Goodacre
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A-Levels Geography (Rebranding) Mind Map on Managing Urban Rebranding, created by Jodie Goodacre on 05/01/2013.

Jodie Goodacre
Created by Jodie Goodacre over 6 years ago
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Managing Urban Rebranding
1 Flagship developments
1.1 Large scale
1.2 High profile
1.3 High investment
1.4 e.g. major new museums, art galleries, theatres or sports facilities
1.5 Iconic signature buildings
2 Quality of place
3 Identity
4 Diversity
5 Deep labour market
6 Lifestyle
7 Quality of design
8 Authenticity
9 Social interaction
10 24 hour city
11 Evaluating the success of projects in large urban areas
11.1 Analysis of change through use of photographs and imagery
11.2 Catchment of visitors and people working in area
11.3 Analysis of demographic change and local migration patterns
11.4 Footfall analysis
11.5 Reputation
11.6 Levels of retail occupancy
11.7 Changes in retail function
11.8 Crime statistics
11.9 Create GIS
11.10 Photo and video
11.11 Oral histories
11.12 Historical maps

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