Chemical Properties

Hannah B
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Science (Unit 1) Mind Map on Chemical Properties, created by Hannah B on 10/02/2016.
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Chemical Properties
1 Flammability
1.1 A material's ability to burn in presences of oxygen
1.2 Ex: paper burns easily
2 Reactivity
2.1 how a substance chemically combines with another
2.2 Ex: oxygen reacts easily with other elements, nitrogen doesn't react
3 Types of Chemical Change
3.1 1. Change in Color
3.1.1 2. Production of a gas 3. Formation of a precipitate - L + L = L + S 4. Change in energy - Change in temperature, light, fire Ex: Lemon juice/vinegar to milk = white solids Ex: vinegar + baking soda = carbon dioxide bubbles
3.1.2 Ex: Silver bracelet - darkens, burning match - turns black
4 change in the composition of matter
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