GRE Biology (Ecology And Evolution)


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Cathal Darby
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GRE Biology (Ecology And Evolution)


  • <= Part B        Part A=> (on the left)     (on the right)
  1. Environment/organism interaction
    1. Biogeographic patterns
      1. Physiological ecology
        1. Temporal patterns
        2. Behavioral ecology
          1. Habitat selection
            1. Mating systems
              1. Social systems
                1. Resource acquisition
                2. Population Structure and Function
                  1. Population dynamics/regulation
                    1. Demography and life history strategies
                    2. Communities
                      1. Direct and indirect interspecific interactions
                        1. Community structure and diversity
                          1. Change and succession
                          2. Ecosystems
                            1. Productivity and energy flow
                              1. Chemical cycling
                              2. Genetic Variability
                                1. Origins (mutations, linkage, recombination and chromosomal alterations)
                                  1. Levels (e.g., polymorphism and heritability)
                                    1. Spatial patterns (e.g., clines and ecotypes)
                                      1. Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium
                                      2. Evolutionary processes
                                        1. Gene flow and genetic drift
                                          1. Natural selection and its dynamics
                                            1. Levels of selection (e.g., individual and group)
                                              1. Trade-offs and genetic correlations
                                                1. Natural selection and genome evolution
                                                  1. Synonymous vs. nonsynonymous nucleotide ratios
                                                  2. Evolutionary consequences
                                                    1. Fitness and adaptation
                                                      1. Speciation
                                                        1. Systematics and phylogeny
                                                          1. Convergence, divergence and extinction
                                                            1. Coevolution
                                                            2. History of life
                                                              1. Origin of prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells
                                                                1. Fossil record
                                                                  1. Paleontology and paleoecology
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