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A-Levels Geography (Crowded Coasts) Mind Map on Southwold, created by Jodie Goodacre on 05/01/2013.

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1 Well known for its beach huts
2 Quite a long distance between the town center and the sea front
3 Many homes along the sea front
4 Beach huts moved back in the winter due to large rough waves
5 Cafés
6 Restaurants
7 Charity shops
8 Tourism
8.1 Job creation
8.2 Money into the area
8.3 Upgraded facilities
8.4 Increased businss
8.5 Increased congestion
8.6 Lack of parking
8.7 Crowded with tourists
8.8 More litter
8.9 High level of dog fouling
8.10 Keeping people in the area
8.11 Makes people interested in the area
9 12 different shop types
10 20 independently owned stores
11 3 chain stores
12 Southwold has effective protection against erosion and is able to hold the line
13 Effective against overtopping
14 Enhances natural environment
15 There is a fair level of access to the beach
16 Saw no obvious safety risk to the public
17 The management has a good life expectancy
18 Maintains natural coastal processes and habitats
19 Poor environmental education and inforation
20 Lack of Rubbish bins
21 Very high level of litter
21.1 27 pieces of litter along a 40m stretch
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