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9) Sport activities
John Goalkeeper
Vocabulario Tema 1
alba mateos figueroa
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AQA Biology B2 Questions
Bella Statham
GCSE AQA Biology 2 Cells & Diffusion
Lilac Potato
Sara Bermejo
Phrasal Verbs Ingles/español
alba mateos figueroa
Present Perfect Simple
Marisa Fidalgo
20) Negative personality
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Frases comunes en inglés
Laura -
1st TERM
1.1 Laptop a portable microcomputer small enough to rest on the lap.
1.1.1 Wireless:transmitting messages or signals by electromagnetic waves. Plug: to connect to an electrical power source. Socket: it's the place that you use to plug in and recive conexion or energy to your movilephone or computer etc... USB drive 8. Headphones:a flexible metallic strap passing over the head/ earphones:a sound receiver, as of a radio or telephone, that fits in or over the ear. Speakers: is an object usit to make the music go out side and helps you to listen louder or lower. Scroll up/down(mover arriva y abajo la pantalla con la flecha)-MOVE THE CURSOR UP AND DOWN Plug in (enchufar algo): to connect to an electrical power source: Log on (conectarse a algo) (start working with your computer) Search-look for info Move the cursor Save (guarder)(as) : to keep something Open: the opposite of close Copy and paste/cut and paste ( copier y pegar) Delete: to cancel something written Shut down(apagar el ordenador): to turn of the computer. Connect –disconnect(conectar y desconectar) Configure : to set up a piece of software Create : to do something new  Format: to prepare (a computer disk) for writing and reading. ON THE SCREEN Scroll bar: Documents: Icons: Desktop: is apart of the computer that you use it for write on it. Folders/file: Toolbar: (Drop down) menu: Window: COMPUTER VERBS CD drive: this is the place were you can insert the CD's
1.1.2 CABLE:a cord of metal wire used to carry electrical power, etc.: Keyboard:is a part of the computer that has keys in order to type(escribir) on the computer. Mouse: you use this to move the cursor in the computer. USB stick: this is an object that you use to insert your computer informacion in another with this. Keys: we use this to to type (data) into a computer: Charger: the machine that produce battery Hard disk: rigid disk built into a personal computer for storing computer programs
1.1.3 Cursor:a movable, usually blinking, symbol on a computer screen, Screen: the part of the desktop f the computer
3 • Eating habits
3.1 • Frequency words (always, usually, often, sometimes, hardly ever, never) • Dairy products • Poultry • Meals, snacks • Starter • Main course • desert
4 • Vocabulary on text pages 8 and 9
5 • Dictionary corner page 9
5.1 good at , help me with , able to , fond of, forward to , I'm beginning to.
5.1.1 I’m looking forward seeing you ,I’m fond of playing tennis, I’am staying out of line,what have you beeing up to?,
6 • Vocabulary on the listening pages 10 and 11
6.1 art, history ,geography, science ,computer studies , PE ,music, maths
6.1.1 1 1.Subject(d)¬:something you learnt at school, such as maths. - What you have learnt at school such as maths. 2. Lesson (f):a short period of time in which you study a subject. - It’s a period of approximately 50-60m in which subjects are taught. 3. Course (a): a series of lessons in a subject 4. Break (b): a period of rest between lessons at school 5 timetable (g): a schedule /programmer of lessons, courses, etc. Report (e) a document written by a teacher about a student’s progress. Revision (C) the studying of something again, often before an exam, etc…. Dictionary corner on page 11
7 present simple present continuos
8 gramar

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