Theme of: Fate + Free Will

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fate + free will in the Aeneid

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Theme of: Fate + Free Will
1 Fate
1.1 determines that the Trojans WILL found a new city in Italy, but not HOW they will do that
1.2 power of fate stands above the power of the gods in the hierarchy of supernatural forces
1.3 Aeneas preserves his sanity + his life + those of his men by subordinating his own anxieties + desires to the demands of fate + rules of piety
1.4 Fate is a devine, religious principal that determines the course of history + has cumilated in the Roman Empire
1.5 destiny assigned to gods + mortals by the 3 fates + their law are inescapeable
1.6 some details of fate not determined in advance i.e. will happen but not how it happense
1.6.1 Juno gives up hostilites, recognises Fate decreed Aeneas will triumph over Latins so asks Jupiter to preseve the Latins language + customs because this is something which is still possible + not laid out by Fate:: Nulla fata quod lege tenetur (Book XII line 819)
1.7 for each man his day stands fixed. For all mankind, the days of life are few, and not to be restored. But to prolong fame by deeds, that is valours task. Under Troy's high ramparts fell all those many sons of gods; yes, and with them fell my own son, Sarpedon. Turnus also has his doom calling him; he too has reached the goal of his allotted years (Book X, said by Jupiter)?????
2 Roman Beliefs
2.1 believe in both fate AND free will
2.2 i.e. you have an obligation but it is your choice to follow it
3 Specific to Aeneas
3.1 direction + destination of Aeneas's course is preordained, all obstacles just postpone his unchangeable destiny
3.2 sign of Aenea's maturity + leadership that he finds the knowledge of nis destiny a source of strength + comfort
3.2.1 tum socios maetisque metum solontur Iuli, fata docens... (Book XII lines 110-111)
3.3 he is sure that he will eventually be successful, no matter what obstacles are put in his path, because the fates have decreed his destiny
4 Importance to Characteres
4.1 development of characters reflected in readiness or resistance with fate
4.2 Juno + Turnus fight fate , but at the finale , both transform, resigning themselves ti fate, allowing the story to reach its end
4.3 Dido desires Aeneas, who fate denies her, and her desire consumes her
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