The carbon cycle

Molly Munyard
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GCSE Science Mind Map on The carbon cycle, created by Molly Munyard on 03/21/2014.

Molly Munyard
Created by Molly Munyard over 5 years ago
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The carbon cycle
1 Oxygen
1.1 Original atmosphere
1.1.1 0%
1.2 Modern atmosphere
1.2.1 21%
2 Carbon
2.1 Modern atmosphere
2.1.1 0.03% 0.04%
2.2 Original atmosphere
2.2.1 95%
3 Pg 158-159
3.1 Respiration
3.1.1 The process by which plants and animals release energy for food. Carbon dioxide=Waste product
3.2 Photosynthesis
3.2.1 Plants remove some of the gas to make their own food
3.3 Ocean 'reservoirs'
3.3.1 Stores of carbon, including the atmosphere, Oceans, sedimentary rocks and fossil fuels
3.4 Sedimentary rocks
3.5 Deforestation
3.5.1 When trees burn, they release carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Fewer trees remain to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere by photosynthesis
3.6 Combustion of fossil fuels
3.6.1 Also releases carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Fossil fuels contain carbon atoms that have been locked away for millions of years. When they are burnt, they join with oxygen atoms and enter the atmosphere as carbon dioxide molecules
4 Carbon stores
4.1 The atmosphere
4.1.1 CO2
4.2 The oceans
4.3 Sedimentary rocks
4.4 Fossil fuels
4.5 Land-based animals, plants and the soil
4.6 Respiration
5 Carbon processes
5.1 Respiration
5.2 Atmosphere
5.3 Dissolving
5.4 Photosynthesis
5.5 combustion
5.6 Coming out of solution

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