Edward VI 1547-1553

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Edward VI 1547-1553
1 Accession: January 28th
1.1 Edward Seymour, Earl of Hertford = Lord Protector and Duke of Somerset
1.1.1 Overthrew Regency Council and awarded himself control
1.1.2 Appointed own Household (Sir Michael Stanhope) Led to factional rivalries - Earl of Southhampton arrested William Cecil Own household had little experience = poor government?
1.2 The situation in 1547
1.2.1 Religious Reform Confused Religious Reform under Somerset 1547 Chantries Act 1548 = first Prayer Book still had catholic elements 1548 first Act of Uniformity made the prayer book the offical liturgy 1547 Repeal of the six articles removed Catholic doctrine 1549 Act allowed Clergy to Marry 1547 Book of Homilies prevent Catholic preaching 1547 Royal injunctions removed superstitious images 1548 proclamations to lessen Protestant unrest 1548 images to be removed 1548 Only authorised Clergy allowed to preach Religious Reform under Northumberland Dec 1549 Proclamations orders the destruction of remaining images Jan 1550: new ordinal included oath to saints Nov 1550: Stone altars removed and replaced with wooden tables Jan 1552: 2nd book of common prayer = highly protestant Apr 1552: 2nd Act of uniformity enforced prayer book Nov 1552: 43 articles
1.2.2 War with Scotland Invades Scotland to claim Edward's suzerainty over Scotland Treaty of Greenwich (1543) to marry MQS and Edward debases coinage to pay for war (raises £537,000) adds to inflation Consequences = the declaration of war from Henry II in 1549 Forts hard to garrison English could not capture Dunbar and Edinburgh castles
1.2.3 Need to increase revenue
1.2.4 Population increase and vagrancy increase Social Policy = Rebellions Kett's Rebellion 1549 Robert Kett: march on Norfolk + 16,000 followers. Stormed walls, controlling 2nd biggest city. John Dudley: Duke of Northumberland sent to control rebels, killing 3,000 of Kett's men. Kett executed December 7th 1549 Western Rebellion 1549 Cornwall and Devon
2 Government
2.1 Used 70 proclamation over 3 years. Many passed by Somerset. Obtained sole custody of dry stamp and tried to insist that the King's signiture was only valid with his counter signature.
2.1.1 Little concern for the poor: Vagrancy Act 1547 (any person who was out of work for more than 3 days would be sold into slavery for two years.
2.2 Somerset by-passed the privy council
3 Fall of Somerset - 1549
3.1 Northumberland comes to power
3.1.1 Once in power organised gov. to secure his power.
3.2 Good Duke vs Bad Duke

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