The Rise and Spread of Islam WHAP

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Chapters six and seven map, detailing the spread of Islam and the territories conquered by Muslim people.

Bryanna Reed
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The Rise and Spread of Islam WHAP
1 Muhammad lived in Bedouin tribe in Mecca, later moved to Medina; tribes were rivals, had polytheistic & animistic beliefs, Mecca & Medina major trading cities
1.1 Islam reflected interactions with Jews, Christians, and Zoroastrians
2 Muhammad created Islam after receiving revelations from the angel Gabriel in 610, word of Allah recorded in Qur'an
2.1 Caused for worry among the Umayyads, plotted to kill Muhammad
2.1.1 Muhammad left Mecca in fear of murder, went to Medina, flight is known as hijra first calendar year for Islam Muhammad was very well liked and Islam became an accepted religion
2.1.2 The Umayyds established capital of Baghdad along Tigris which was a major trading city
3 Beliefs of Islam
3.1 The Five Pillars
3.1.1 Zakat - Almsgiving (charitable donations), believe that all belongs to Allah
3.1.2 Sawm - Fasting during the month of Ramadan
3.1.3 Hajj - the pilgrimage to Mecca
3.1.4 Salat - Pray five times a day facing Mecca, wash before praying
3.1.5 Shahada - testimony and declaration of faith to Allah
3.2 Egalitarian compared to other religions, made appealing for converts
4 Creation of dhows made trade easier especially with lanteen sails
5 The Spread of Islam
5.1 Military actions such as the invasion of India spread the religion mainly because of egalitarian thinking
5.1.1 Muslims in India set up diasporic communities in India, which helped aid in trade and conversion to the religion
5.2 Merchant trade along Silk Road, Sub - Saharan trade, Indian Ocean helped spread the religion, esp in the Asian islands
5.3 Missionaries spread the religion especially sufi mystics

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